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Essay-A Railway Journey, A Journey By Bus

Essay-A Railway Journey, A Journey By Bus

A Railway Journey
A railway Journey
A railway Journey

Last year I went to Agra to see the 'Taj Mahal with my friend in stunner vacation. Both of us got up early in the morning and packed up our bedding. then I brought a taxi and both of us reached the Delhi railway station.

The scene before the booking window: There was a great rush at the booking window. People were standing in a queue. I too fell in the queue and bought two tickets with great difficulty. Then we reached the platform no. 12.

The scene at the platform; There was a great rush of passengers at the platform. The coolies were bringing the luggage of passengers. Hawkers were selling fruits, sweets and. other things. The train was ready for departure. We got in a compartment with great difficulty.

The scene inside the carriage: The scene inside the compartment was very interesting. Some old men were enjoying a sound sleep. A young lad was selling books, newspapers, magazines and several other things. A young lady was singing a song. A beggar was begging. The guard whistled and the train started.

The scene at different stations: The train stopped at several stations on the way. Some of the passengers got down and the new ones entered our compartment. At every station, hawkers were selling fruits and sweets, etc.

Conclusion: We reached our destination safe and sound. The train took about five hours to reach Agra. 

A Journey By Bus

A Journey By Bus
A Journey By Bus

When and where : 
During the last vacations, we decided to go to Delhi to see the Qutub Minar, the Red Fort, and other historical places. We reached the bus stand by rickshaw at 6 o' clock.

Scene at the bus stand:
When we reached the bus stand, we saw their great rush. There were long queues standing before the ticket windows. There were separate booking/windows for Delhi, Dehradun, Kotdwar and a number of other places. The scene at the bus stand was full of hustle and bustle. Passengers were moving this way and that way. They were waiting for the bus anxiously. If a bus would arrive, people would rush towards it and then return disappointed. Coolies moved about with heavy luggage on their heads.

Inside the bus: After some time a bus for Delhi arrived. With great difficulty, we could buy our tickets. We took our seats on the bus, which was overcrowded. Many passengers were standing. When the bus moved, the fresh wind blew in and we felt some relief.

Pleasant journey: It was an Express bus. But there was too much traffic on the road and so our bus could not gather speed. We talked and joked. In this way, the time passed easily. One of my friends had a transistor. So we could enjoy sweet music. during our journey.

At last we reached Delhi at about 9 o'clock. It was a pleasant journey. 

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