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Essay-Invention Of Science, A Hot Day

Essay-Invention Of Science, A Hot Day

Invention Of Science
Invention Of Science
Invention Of Science

Introduction : 
It is the age of Science. Scientific inventions have made our lives easy and comfortable. They have made the world a small place.

Electricity : 
Electricity is a boon to mankind. Electric bulbs and tubes light our houses, shops, and streets. Electric fans and air conditioners give us cool air in summer. Heaters keep us warm in winter. Electricity drives our machines — small and large. Domestic appliances like iron, mixer, a grinder can be used only by electricity.

Machines : 
Machines serve as our extra limbs. They give us bodily pleasures. They save our time, energy and labor.

Other services : 
Science has given easier and faster means of traveling. It has brought a revolution in the field of agriculture. It has helped in spreading education through books printed on printing machines. Cinema, radio, and television have made our lives pleasant Science has also saved humanity from many diseases which Mere considered incurable.

A bad master : 
We have become slaves to Science.We depend too much on it. Science has made us inactive also. Science has given us some weapons. We use them to destroy mankind. So it is bad.

Conclusion : 
All that glitters is not gold. Indeed Science has made our lives worth living. Scientific inventions were made to serve us but they have become our master. So it is true that Science is a good servant but a had a master. 

A Hot Day

A Hot Day
A Hot Day

No rains for one month : 
It was the month of June. The 9th of June was the hottest day of the year. It had not rained for one month. Summer was at its peak. The hot mimic blew from morning till night. 

Confined to my house, no relief from heat : 
I had many plans to pass the day and enjoy a picnic but the heat much it all impossible. I was feeling very' hot. I took a bath for a longer time. But when I came out of the bathroom, I again began to feet uncomfortably, I was confined to my house but it was difficult to sit in the house. I was all • Catifig, I sat under the fan. The fan was I mining at lull speed but it was all useless. I felt I was becoming unconscious. 

Cold drinks and indoor games :
In the afternoon I had lunch with my brother I could not relish the food I was feeling thirsty I badly wanted to have a glass of cold drink.

Again and again I took cold drinks but it was difficult to quench my thirst. I tried to pass the day in indoor games. I called my younger brother. We played chess and read delightful novels. 

My efforts to enjoy: Conclusion :
I tried to enjoy the day but failed. At last, I bathed again for half an hour. It gave relief only for a moment. Soon I felt very uneasy. So the whole day was very troublesome. I was down with sunstroke. Even now I shudder to think of that terribly hot day. 

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