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Essay- An Indian Farmer, My School, An Ideal Home

Essay- An Indian Farmer, My School

An Indian Farmer
Farmer essay

India is an agricultural country most of its people live in villages the main occupation of its people is forming the Indian farmer is generally a simple man he wears dhoti and kurta of khaddar he does not get time to be said as he is always busy he is hardworking yet he is poor many farmers live in hurts some live in ordinary houses made of mud there are aa batches on them they are very small they or not I read some rich farmers have to build pucca houses and Indian Pharma is often under education and in literate his knowledge is based on old ideas he is superstitious now many farmers are trying to know new method of farming they know much about fertilizers a farmer generally Rises early in the morning he goes to his field with his bullocks and club he starts working and works till his why bring food for him at noon he takes his food and then take rest for sometime then he started work he goes on working till evening in the evening he returns home search is the life of an Indian farmer at night he goes to Chaupal enjoying songs and dramas sometimes he smoke Hookah he like the stories of Allah Udal sometime he goes to fair also a farmer is the backbone of our society the progress of our country is based on the improvement office conditions so the government should improve his condition.

Essay- My School Or College

school essay
My School Or College
The college ordered in is DAV Inter College Dehradun it is a model college of Europe it is situated on the DL road Dehradun the building of our college is Grand and double storied there are about 50 rooms and the big hall in it all the rooms have many doors Windows and ventilators there is a big Courtyard there are beautiful flowers that's on all sides the principal room is very well decorated and attractive there is a big laboratory having thousand top books on every subject its principle Mr. Om Prakash Sharma is a noble Man He has made the college what it is today all the teachers of the college are highly qualified and experienced their teachers with love and care there are about 3000 students in this college the students of this college or honest hardworking and obedient they are disciplines they never take part in politics our college is well known for good results the results of high school and inter-class are always 62 to 70% everyone that visits our college traces its discipline and administration.

Essay- An Ideal Home

An Ideal House
An Ideal House
An Ideal House-
My house is situated add it is very near Tamil market railway station bus stand post office and colleges also are very near to it there are five rooms in my house all of them are big and airy they are neat and clean all the modern facilities are there on one side there is a big long there are that's a farmer flowers plants and vegetables I fast few hours in my garden there are six members in my family my father is a government officer my mother is a teacher in degree college my elder brother is studying in M A final my elder sister is studying in BA first year and younger sister read in class 7 all member of my family are healthy we respect our parents and there was there are real joy and peace in our family my father has a Maruti car we have a telephone also there is a servant who serves as well we get many newspaper and books to read the cycle so that my family is an ideal family which lives in an ideal home.

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