Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Eassy - The Cow. The Dog, The Postman

Essay - The Cow

The Cow

The cow is our pet animal general AC is about four feet high and 5 feet long she is a four footed animal she has two horns and two years she has a long tail her colour is generally white or Brown or black the cow eat green grass and oil cakes se likes Green Leaves of vegetables like girl and cotton seeds very much she is very fond of loaves of bread the cow is mentally animal she loves her coffe very much children often play near her she lies to Grace in the open field he does not like dirty places she is a clean animal cell does not sit in muddy places the cow is an important and useful animal her milk is very useful to babies sick persons and old people Hulk cast are very useful to us and their plug our field and draw the heavy loaded card that cow dung is also very useful as fuel her dead body also is very useful to us shoes are made from her skin buttons and cones are made from her home and on the Hindus call her Gau Mata they worship respect her and love her.

Essay- The Dog

dog essay

The dog is my pet animal the name of my dog is Sheru I love him very much about to Fit hai and 3 feet long it is a four-footed animal it has two ears and a short tail its color is brown it is quite healthy it looks very charming dog is very useful animal it is Very faithful also watching my house at night it bark at strangers 9 standard days come near my gate its sit at the gate whole night it does not sleep in the night it bark loudly When a Stranger comes Sheru eats everything we give it it it is purely vegetarian like us it does not touch meet it is found of milk and bread Sheru is a dog but it is the best watchman also it is Very faithful it does not bite any member of my family in our absence also it watches our house so I love it most.

Essay- The Postman

essay postman

Generally, a  postman wears a copy uniform khaki shirt and trouser sometime he puts on a cap on his head of village postman of envious kurta and dhoti he has a leather bag he keeps letter parcel and money orders in it. it hands across his Soldier he is not a highly qualified man is simply knows how to read and write he can read English Hindi and Urdu a postman work is not easy he has to go on his duty in rain as well as in sun sign he works very hard he goes to post office at about 10 a.m. he starts out letters and then put steel on them then he goes to the Mohalla or locality to deliver them he goes from door to door he is a very honest man he brings money orders to the people and give them money he does not cheat anybody apportionment is low paid government servant his salary is very low so he made the expenses of his family with a great difficulty he is always hand to mouth a postman is very useful to every man of the society but he is very poor he cannot give good food and education to children he works hard but he gets few holidays hi we should help him and respect him the government also should raise his salary

Essay- The Policeman

essay Policeman

Generally, a policeman vs khaki shirt Khaki pant and a cab hypnotize a leather belt around his waist Dera brass band on his soldier he has a plastic nameplate also on his pocket. he is not a highly educated man he maybe only I am matriculating are intermediate. but he is healthy and physically fit the work of policeman is not easy his duties are hard sometimes he has to do risky jobs also he may be called on duty anytime he is very useful for society he maintains law and order he arrest his and criminals nowadays his duties have become riskier sometimes he has to sacrifice his life also in an encounter with the quotes or terrorist but the policeman is a low paid servant he is always hand to mouth a policeman must be honest sincere and duty-bound.

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